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The female 'confidence gap' is a sham »

"Telling women to meditate, "be grateful," sit up straight and get good sleep (some of the book’s confidence "quick fixes") might make us feel better – but it won’t make the world better. You can’t self-help away deeply-ingrained structural discrimination."  


I am getting that urge for the first time. I’m sure many of you out there have experienced it. Tried to fight it. Given in and given up hours and days and weeks of your lives.

The urge to hexipuff.

I have stumbled across a few posts of people making their own Beekeeper’s Quilts. I paused to admire them, but it was only when I found the pattern on Ravelry and the 7035 current projects that I became entranced. I must have one. I must make one. I have leftover yarn. I could do puffs in between my other projects …

I don’t know, though. It’s a big commitment. But imagine one giant hexipuff blanket, made of only creams, whites and greys. Maybe some sparkle mixed in. Mmm.


We know that sugar is a big part of candy, ice cream, and sweet drinks, but did you know that added sugars are included in 3/4 of the 600,000+ products found in the average grocery store? And that it can go by 56 different names? 

Watch this super useful TED Ed by Robert Lustig, with animation by The Tremendousness Collective, to learn more about the different kinds of sugar inside the foods that we eat, and how it interacts with our bodies: Sugar: Hiding in plain sight.

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